Thomas Paine was a pamphleteer. His great achievement was to render complex ideas intelligible to average readers of the day, with clear, concise writing unlike the formal, learned style favored by many of Paine's contemporaries. From the time I was a young man I wanted to be a pamphleteer like Thomas Paine. In a time of derivatives, ETF's, toxic assets, black boxes, and flash trading, it is harder and harder to understand the world.  Simple, common sense analysis is needed to bring the complexities of the world down to earth. That is the first thing this site will endeavor to do.

The second is to provide the reader with timely analysis as news and events break and financial advice is needed. I am a stock, commodities, and gold trader. I have been so all of my adult life. I will inform you each time I personally make a move in my personal account.  You can act on this information or choose to ignore it, but at the minimum it will give you some ideas as to how to try to make money, preserve wealth, and how to defend yourself in today's world. It will be directed at the long term investor as well as the more active trader.  

In the last few months I have purchased resource stocks that have gone up as much as fivefold.  Any stock invested in would have returned a subscriber many times the price of a subscription. The commentary will be weekly but irregular and follow the ebb and flow of events. And the investment advice and trading of stocks and commodities will be in real time. I will be glad to respond to personal e-mail questions, and give personal financial advice to all subscribers (subject to the disclaimer rules).

The world is going to get more complicated and more dangerous as we move forward. I will be at my computer monitoring the world eleven hours a day and be able to provide you with timely analysis, both intellectual and financial, as news breaks.