I want to take some time to comment on last week’s fire storm over what Trump did NOT say. Whenever I've commented on racism over the decades of public writing, I never said I'm against racism regarding any particular group. Racism is, and should always be, condemned across the board as a position held by those that are prejudice. It never matters about the specifics. It matters only about the injustice.

In this world and in this country, EVERY group, race, and religion is hated by someone. Bigotry is as common as crime. Some want to make "hate speech" illegal. In this country that would be against the law as set down in the first amendment.

In this country we have a Communist Party, a Nazi Party a Klu Klux Klan, and all are legal. It used to be said that "I vigorously disagree with everything you stand for. But I will die for your right to say it". That way of thinking is extinct in this country today. We will never eradicate racism, bigotry, or prejudice. So where do we draw the line. We draw it at the use of force. Hate all you want, but act on it and you will probably find yourself behind bars.

In my lifetime, which has been a long time, in all my experience I have never until now heard of a Nazi killing an American in this country. I have never heard of the KKK killing an American. I've read about it happening in the past, like in the 40's and before, but never in this modern age.

The fire storm over Trump, was not about the killing of an American. It was about Trump. His "crime" was not his absence of condemnation of racism and injustice, he did that; but of not condemning the Nazi demonstration specifically. He also finally did that two days later, and like I said, as far as I'm concerned it was redundant.

We've had a lot of Nazi demonstrations over the years, but this was the first time the police allowed one to get out of control, according to first hand reports from Charlottesville:

Charlottesville never had to happen -- How craven local politicians led our nation into tragedy | Fox News

The city of Charlottesville allowed the Nazi Party to demonstrate. They gave them a permit and it was their right to do so in this country. They were met by an opposing group,antifa,without a permit to demonstrate. Citizens called on extra police to be posted fearing violence. No additional police were provided. The two groups clashed and one man went crazy and ran his car into the crowd of the opposition. You will look in vain at the videos of that incident for the police. There were none. 

Now normally, the Mayor and Police Chief would be held responsible for this. But the press blamed Trump instead. It is not the President of the United States job to monitor or prevent local demonstrations. It is a state matter and a local matter. Trump has been damned for his lack of sensitivity! Trump has been convicted by most of the news media as a bigot, a racist, and a White Supremacist. 

The press and the Left's response was about trying to undermine Trump, not an outrage over the crime committed. The press and the Left want Trump gone. They want him censored or impeached.

I ask you, what was the response when the Black Live's Matter group demonstrated in the streets. Outrage? No. And what if a white group attacked them with baseball bats as was the case last week? I suggest the white group would be denounced passionately by the press and the Left as racists, and the Black Lives Matter group as the victims. They would not be looking at the crime at hand, but the groups and which one they approved of. This is also a form of prejudice. There is no more hiding of the media's bias. It is blatant!

You may not remember that during WWll, Germany attacked the Russians. It was the Nazis versus the Communists. Both sides hated each other and still do today. Saturdays March was mainly made up at it's core by those that believe in equality (Marxism) against those that believe in White Supremacy, the Nazis. They were both militant groups, and both sides were at fault along with the police. There were others there for various reasons, but the core of both groups were violent extremists looking for a fight.

In every Trump controversy I ask myself one question: Has Trump used force to accomplish goals? So far, he has not. All his "edicts" have been to reduce force against individuals, not impose it. It has been to give back freedom, not take it away.Trump has no doubt been wrong, irrational, and vicious at times. He is certainly ignorant of many historic and intellectual subjects. But he has not used the power of government to get his way. And the last time I looked, being wrong and obnoxious is not a crime.

Congressmen Rubio and Ryan both criticized Trump for not going far enough or fast enough in criticizing Nazism and the KKK. Where were they over the last many decades when these groups gave speeches and demonstrated in the streets. Were they condoning these groups by not condemning them over the last few years? The fact is, they are guilty of ignoring them.

So, again I ask: did Trump last week use force when he condemned racism "on both sides"? No. Was he factually right? Yes. But from the screams on the Left you would have thought Trump drove the car that ran over that poor woman in the crowd. Three quarters of the time spent on CNN, which I watched for an entire week, was spent to attack Trump as a bigot, racist, and a fascist, who approves of white supremacy.

I'm one of the first to have pointed out that Trump is irrational and erratic. But his shortcomings pale to what I've heard from the press and so-called intellectuals on the news since the night of the demonstrations. The media has not even mentioned the issue of legality of the demonstrations and the illegality of antifa demonstrating without a permit and bringing clubs to attack the opposition. This lack of objectivity in the press is both immoral and dishonest.

I hope you read the source I enclosed at the beginning of this article. It is excellently written by a scholar who lives in Charlottesville. It is a story completely buried by the press and deserves a hearing.

Paul Nathan