One thing went missing this week -- the Congress. After announcing the Senate would forego their vacation and stay on to complete their work for at least two weeks, they snuck out of town without a word.

This pushes back even further the prospects of health care reform and tax reform. There is a real chance that Congress will not be able to repeal or replace Obamacare. And even if they reached a bi-partisan compromise agreement, it would be mediocre at best and be in constant trouble, needing bail-outs every couple of years. It would look very much like the post office: a slow, inefficient system that needed more money every couple of years with rising prices and deteriorating service.

In my opinion, if the Congress cannot fix the healthcare and insurance industries, they should wash their hands of the entire mess and send the problem back to the cities and states. This is the only way to fix the problem given the present political atmosphere. That's what I said at the beginning of this process and that's what I believe today.

If a state wants Obamacare, fine, then they can pay for it and live with the results. And if a state doesn’t want a government-run health care system, then let them live with those results or the benefits. If we can’t agree on the national level, let us agree to disagree. We should allow every city and state to decide for themselves what is best for their citizens.

We should not be striving for a national health care system. It won't work, at least not like a free market system has. Prior to 1965 the health care industry was free and there were no major issues plaguing the nation with either care or insurance. Since the "Great Society" takeover, we have seen the industry in constant deterioration to the point of collapse today.

People have died at the VA waiting for care, and delays in getting health care today, under the best conditions, is poor everywhere. Long waits and delays between appointments are leading to diseases which could be cured given early detection going untreated and resulting in premature deaths. This has been the case for decades in most other countries around the world, and now we are falling to their level.

There is a strong cry from all quarters of the political spectrum to compromise and get something done. There are times for political compromise, and times when one must not compromise. When one side is right and the other side is wrong, for example, there is obviously nothing to be gained in compromise. What if there were two different theories of how to land on the moon back in the 60's? Would a compromise have succeeded? No. Only the right way to do things would and did succeed.

This is the case today in many areas and is the reason for our polarized political system. The two sides are divided between those that want freedom and free markets and those that want socialism and government control. For those that believe they are on the right side, there will be no compromise.

One side wants the government to be in charge of setting wages, controlling prices, running healthcare, regulating most aspects of business and industry, and being in charge of the infrastructure of this country. And of course, government will determine who gets what and who pays for it. They are for a government-run economy -- socialism.

Bernie Sanders in 2011 said, “These days the American dream is more likely to be attained in Venezuela”. The world can now see what socialism leads to by the current nightmare results in that country.

On the other side are those for freedom, free markets, and personal responsibility as envisioned in the Constitution of this country. Compromising American values for Venezuelan values - as Sanders wants - by equalizing incomes and nationalizing industry will lead to a mixed economy mired in stagnation and poverty for more and more of our citizens. American freedom should never be up for grabs. It should be fought for. No compromising here.

But I would have voted for the bill that John McCain killed. It would have been a compromise in that it would not have repealed Obamacare. But there were four points in that bill, all of which would have eliminated compulsion and the use of force against individuals. It was a pro-freedom bill. McCain gave thumbs down on freedom. I would have compromised due to the fact it eliminated compulsion against individuals.

It's true that it would not have fixed the health care system, and kept new subsidies, but it was a step in the right direction. Some freedom is better than no freedom. Republicans should have gotten what they could get and gone back for more later. Reagan did that in 1982 and again in 1986. Republicans seem unable to accept the good, preferring to hold out for the perfect.

The Republicans are efficient at preventing freedom in the name of freedom. The Democrats are efficient at "resisting". And what are they resisting? Freedom.

Unfortunately, both are getting what they want.

Paul Nathan