First let me make clear that I have no regrets about my opposition to Trump in his bid to become president. If I had it to do over again, I would do exactly the same thing. Candidate Trump was irrational, obnoxious, inconsistent, and capable of bringing this nation to its knees with one big mistake. His trade protectionist policies, could lead to a trade war if allowed to become pervasive. And his monetary policies could consist of a take-over of the Fed leading to a tight money policy that could bring on a deflationary depression.
What changed my mind about Trump is the last 100 days. I always agreed with about 80% of his policies, it was his dubious character that I was concerned about most. 
But Trump re-defined the term "hitting the ground running". He flew into action a day after his election, calling the movers and shakers of the world, setting appointments to meet at Trump Tower. It became a revolving door of some of the most important people in the world from all walks of life. Trump was seeking advice and opinions, and establishing relationships. He even began meeting with his opposition and many of the candidates that ran against him patching up differences.
He continued the meetings in the White House after his Inauguration with CEO's of every industry and sector, and with labor leaders, many who had never seen the inside of the White House, let alone the Oval Office. All came out extremely impressed with Trump, and that began my new found interest in the character of Donald Trump.
I remember the well-respected Jack Welsh, former GE boss, coming out of the White House and saying, "I've been around a long time and have been in these kinds of meetings before with many Presidents, but I've never seen a President so engaged as this one. It was a remarkable meeting." The embarrassing character issue had turned to an admirable character issue in the eyes of almost all that met with Donald Trump.
Then came his Cabinet picks. It became clear that Trump was forming perhaps the strongest Cabinet and team of advisors in history. From his pick of generals to his press people and advisors, Trump picked top people. More important, they were given instructions to say whatever they believed regardless of his own positions. And when it came to making the final call on issues, he deferred to his generals, and others that he chose precisely because he thought they had more expertise in their fields than he did. That was an eye opener. So, much for the irrational Trump. The new rational Trump was in charge.
Then came the flip-flops. In almost every flip, he flipped from the wrong side of an issue to the right side. He dropped his call to deport 11 million illegals, and made it clear that he was only interested in the really bad ones -- the violent gang members and criminals. He said explicitly that the hard working illegal immigrants here were not a priority and had nothing to worry about. Gone was the threat of Gestapo-like tactics to go from house to house hunting down farm workers, maids, and waiters.
On the Fed he suddenly changed his tune, and said that Janet Yellen was doing a good job and that he liked her. And on trade it is becoming clear that although he IS going to impose tariffs and trade restrictions, which is a mistake, they don't appear to be serious enough to affect the economy. A trade war does not appear to be in the cards and declaring China a currency manipulator, which defies the facts of reality, is off the table at least for now.
One of the first and most significant things Trump did as soon as he took office was to pass a slew of executive orders. But his edicts were to end edicts. He started deregulating and de-controlling everything he had the power to affect. His mission was to return freedom to American citizens and decentralize government. He wants to return most government programs to the states where they belong.  
He has since deregulated the oil and gas industry and returned millions of acres that were grabbed by the federal government, back to the states and returned control of that property to the people of those states.
We as a nation were shocked when we heard that Syria had used chemical weapons against its own citizens, using weapons that are illegal and were supposed to have been eliminated from Syria in an agreement set up by Obama, Russia, and Syria. Trump reacted so fast, there wasn't time to even debate the issue. It was decisive and devastating in its swiftness and its competency. In addition to that was the timing of Trump during this period; the decision was made at dinner with the Chinese Premier between dinner courses, and executed during desert.
Meanwhile China seems to have taken to Trump and the early indications are we may be able to work with them to harness N Korea. He then dropped the Mother Of All Bombs on the Taliban, and immediately drew a line in sand with N Korea. The fact that Trump will not say what his strategy is, IS his strategy. He wants our enemies to go to bed every night worrying about what America will do next.
And finally, he has set out principles on tax reform. It is basically the tax reform I've been asking for in my articles in this space for years. The one thing that probably shocked the Democrats the most by this proposal is that it takes away their argument that it will benefit the rich at the expense of the poor. The exact opposite is true. The top tax rate will drop from 39.6% to 35%. That will be offset by taking away almost all the tax breaks the rich will personally get. It will be a wash for the rich but they will like it because of simplification which will save them time and a fortune in tax preparation.
On the opposite end, he wants to double the standard deductible so that those that make the least will get the greatest tax decrease percentage wise. Their tax rate will fall to 15% if passed – a huge tax break, unlike the rich. And it changes seven rates to three, drastically cuts those rates, encourages trillions of dollars back to the US, and simplifies tax payments so we can all do our taxes in minutes rather than days and weeks.
It is the boldest tax proposal since Ronald Reagan. It will no doubt be altered, but hopefully we can stay close to its goals.
Let me end on Healthcare with one observation: the intent of this initial healthcare bill is to get healthcare out of the hands of the federal government and back into the hands of medical professionals, patients, and insurance companies in a free market where it belongs. It will not be perfect the first crack we take at it, but over the years to the degree we return decisions to patients, doctors and the market, and base payments on actuaries rather than bureaucratic whims, it will be better than where we are presently headed – toward a VA type health system where healthcare is poor and people die waiting for a doctor.
All of the positives that Donald Trump has initiated, overwhelm the negatives. 
For all these reasons and more, if an election were held today, Donald Trump would have my vote. He's earned it!
Paul Nathan