Donald Trump has to be one of the most fascinating candidates in American political history. Hillary Clinton nailed it when she asked, "Who gets up at 3 am in the morning to launch a tweet attack?" Trump did that in regards to a 20-year-old Miss Universe Pageant incident by denigrating the winner for getting fat.

The fact that this has nothing to do with American issues, politics, or anything of importance, makes this episode even more mysterious. It is not in Trump’s self-interest to even bring it up again...yet he couldn't resist. This is just the latest such episode of Donald Trump pursuing self-inflicted wounds and going off on wild goose chases for no particular reason. Why?

Metaphysics is the study of what is. Understanding the world around us, nature, and the natural laws of the universe is a scientific quest to gain knowledge. If you’re a scientist, an engineer, a doctor, or any number of professions that require specific knowledge to do your job, you must be fact-based and reality-based. You have to be in order to understand the nature of things. That is your world.

Dr. Nathaniel Brandon, psychologist by trade and intellectual heir to Ayn Rand, developed a concept years ago called "Social Metaphysics". He posited that just as some people focus on the facts around them, others focus on people: that is their world. Where a scientist focuses on the metaphysical world, a social metaphysician focuses on what other people think about the world. This theory fits Donald Trump to a ”t”. Facts don’t matter. In his world, perception matters.

It explains his constant attacks on people. Trump is obsessed with retaliating against anyone that is against him. He doesn't attack the facts of an argument -- he attacks the person that makes the argument. That's why he doesn't care about academic issues. He mouths them when reading them off a TelePrompTer, but his passion is directed against people and not issues. He even goes so far as to give them titles like Lying Ted Cruz or Crooked Hillary. These are his issues.

It explains attacking a Muslim mother who says nothing. It explains his constant attacks against the judge that he felt was biased against him in an ongoing court case. He didn't argue the merits of his case in court; he attacked the person judging the merits of the case. And he felt so passionate about it, he felt compelled to make it a national issue even though no one cared about the issues at hand.

And it explains his preoccupation with conspiracy theories. Trump is not interested in the facts of reality, he’s interested in what people think about the facts of reality, whether there is evidence for it or not. Trump would never have been a Christopher Columbus who in spite of everyone believing the world was flat, sailed off to find a new land. One wonders how such a person became a billionaire with this kind of affliction. 

Donald Trump is not just any businessman. He's in the hospitality business. It’s a people business. He grew up in a rich family, in huge beautiful homes, went to the best schools, played golf on the best courses, had dinners in the best restaurants, and was a socialite and later a playboy. Trump's success was due to his good looks, charisma, and in replicating the surroundings he grew up in. He built the kinds of buildings and facilities he was used to living in, and reproduced the activities and surroundings he was used to playing in. Or should I say, he had other people build them. Donald never handled the details, only the concepts. He delegated the real work to contractors, architects and the like. It wasn’t all that hard to leverage the money his father loaned him and hire people who knew what the rich liked and wanted.

Everyone I've heard of that has spent time around Donald Trump likes him. They say he's a really nice guy. He himself brags about how he got along with everyone, democrats and republicans alike – another testimony of his lack of interest in ideas in favor of his social prowess. That's his world. The "Art of the Deal" is the art of dealing with people. And when you’re a charismatic billionaire, few people would want to attack or offend you. So, it was a safe world for Donald Trump.

But according to some, he becomes noticeably irritated in business meetings if things don't go his way. He's been known to walk out of meetings, or throw tirades at times. He's touchy when challenged, and he holds grudges, according to life-long acquaintances.

Trump is obsessive-compulsive in my opinion. He can't help himself. He is actually mentally ill. But this kind of sickness isn't a big issue in life in general. It is shrugged off as being eccentric, or "that's just Trump". Many people are marginally mentally ill and live fairly normal and productive lives. But it is a huge issue if you're President of the United States.

For if Trump is compelled to retaliate against those who disagree with him, what will he do with those who disagree with him…or worse, cross him, when President? Trump’s problem is it will gnaw at him. He will take it personally. And with the power of the presidency, anything is possible. Trump is already developing an enemies list.

It won't matter whether it's a leader of a nation or an American CEO that disagrees and refuses to go along with his trade ideas. Cross President Trump and there will be repercussions. We have seen it weekly from Trump. From the political competitors he knocked off one by one, to those who criticize him in the press, to a judge, to a gold-star family, to some of the finest CEOs in America that he will force to bend to his will on trade policy.

I have little doubt that at the end of the last debate when Hillary brought up the Miss Universe incident, Hillary knew somehow that it would eat away at Trump. How she knew I do not know. But she made it a point to get the topic in before time ran out. And it came out of nowhere and was an unrelated point.

It stayed with Trump...overnight, then it festered and a full three days later he finally counter-attacked at three o'clock in the morning, tweeting about a subject no one cares about and which did nothing but hurt his credibility once again. It was another classic Trump meltdown!

Imagine this compulsive personality as President of the United States.

Fortunately, the odds are not good that Trump will win the presidency. This last meltdown should be enough to sway the undecideds that Trump cannot and must not be President. But if he does somehow become President, sleep with crossed fingers. Four years of temper tantrums and meltdowns in the White House is a long time.

Paul Nathan