I'm no expert on politics, but if I were a Republican running for President in a field of a dozen or more candidates here's what I'd do to try and win my party’s nomination.


I'd announce my dream cabinet in advance. I would ask Lindsey Graham to be my Secretary of Defense; he has a strategy and a vision unlike anyone in government. And I’d want John Bolton, one of the most experienced diplomats as Secretary of State. I'd appoint Pete King who now chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security as head of the CIA. And I'd ask Chris Christie, one of the toughest prosecutors in New Jersey to be Attorney General of the United States. I'd appoint Paul Ryan to the Office of Management and Budget. Almost everyone in Washington knows that there is no one man, Democrat or Republican who knows the budget inside and out better than Paul Ryan. I'd ask Marco Rubio to be in charge of immigration policy. Rubio understands freedom from both sides of the border. Scott Walker would be my choice as Secretary of Labor; look what he did in a blue state with labor negotiations in Wisconsin.  Also I'd ask Dr. Ben Carson to be Surgeon General.


I would ask Mike Huckabee to be my chief of staff and right hand man, not so much because I agree with his policies, but mainly because he's about the most honest and reasonable person I know of in politics. For Secretary of Treasury I’d ask Rand Paul to protect the value of the dollar, he’s a hard money guy; and Rick Perry to be my Secretary of Energy. He was Governor of the largest oil and gas producing state in the union. I’d ask Ted Cruz to be in charge of Health and Human Services, since he pledges to repeal and replace Obamacare. And for my Vice Presidential running mate I would choose Carly Fiorina. I think Carly is the most articulate person I know when it comes to political policy and is eminently qualified to be President if that became necessary.


You can argue the choices, but you can't argue that this would be an all-star line up to revolutionize government's relationship with the American people. If incompetence is the hallmark of the Obama Administration, the appointees I just suggested -- regardless of who is President -- would be one the most competent teams ever assembled. Every one of those choices is a proven quantity. Every one of them has a success story behind them.


Then I would announce my agenda: a return to freedom. I would make it clear that all of my appointees would be directed to work vigorously to reduce the road blocks, the restrictions, the red tape, the taxes, and the controls over individual freedom. The federal government agencies and their bureaucracies in general would be reduced, and in some cases eliminated, and most functions would be returned back to the states and communities where they belong.


I would make it clear that the protection of individual rights would be the paramount job of government, and that we would work endlessly to stop force, fraud, and coercion against all Americans both domestically and abroad. The Federal government would first and foremost fight and defeat terrorism, nuclear proliferation, cyber-attacks, and any other form of threat directed toward this nation and our people. It would spend most of its time and money fighting the initiation of force, fraud, and coercion against American citizens from other individuals, businesses, and from the government itself. Defense and the protection of all Americans against the use of force by criminals at home and enemies abroad would be the number one priority of the federal government.


As for the economy, we would allow free markets, innovation, and free trade to flourish. We would abide by the simple rule of law that all people would be free to produce, create, and excel without discrimination and devote all of our energies toward fighting those that would attempt to harm, steal, coerce, or defraud others in order to achieve their goals.


If it is true that God provided all of mankind with a moral code consisting of just ten commandments, certainly we as Americans can reduce the tens of thousands of pages of rules, regulations, and controls, to an equally small handful of laws.


So, who would be President you ask? It would be the best person qualified to be commander-in-chief. That's what the President's job was intended to be…that, and to preside. With a dream team like the one I proposed, and the policies that would be pursued, would it really matter that much who the President was?


But then, who would you pick if you could – just for fun?


Paul Nathan