President Obama has decided to open up diplomatic and certain economic relations with Cuba. He stated the reason for his move: "Doing the same thing for 50 years without change and expecting a different outcome has not worked". He says we need to try something different. Well, maybe Cuba needs to try something different. Maybe it’s their dictatorship and socialist policies that caused things not to change in 50 years. Maybe it's not we that need to change, but them.


Obama revealed his real view of the world at the end of his speech to the nation on opening relations with Cuba when he said, "We need to release the shackles on Cuba"; as if it were us that were shackling them with our embargo, instead of the communist dictatorship imposed on Cuba that is the one doing the shackling. This is a perverted view of the world.


Let's remember who Cuba is. Their government controls 85% of the goods and services – they do not permit free enterprise. As a communist government they control the means of production. Their people live by permission without the right to produce what they can or want. Nor have they the right to disagree with the government. There is total censorship with no Internet or outside television. Any dissent is met with beatings and jail. Anyone trying to escape Cuba could be shot to death or imprisoned for life. Cuba houses terrorists and sponsors terrorism around the world. They have shot down American planes, imprisoned American citizens, and sent their armies to fight against American interests whenever  possible. If they had more money they would do more against us, but they are poor, mainly due to imposing an economic system that doesn’t work.


As I write this, Cuba has come out and asked that America respect their system. By opening up relations with Cuba, Barack Obama has agreed, and has legitimized their system. Further, just as Cuba is beginning to lose subsidies from Russia and Venezuela who are going broke with the fall of oil prices, Obama throws a life-line to Cuba to sustain her. Without such subsidies, Cuba may cave.


There is a split on what the best strategic way is to handle a dictatorship. The split is not between parties, but between philosophies. The free market view is to allow capitalism and free enterprise to pervade a society until the people and government realize the benefits of freedom. That is what Nixon based his decision on when he went to China and established diplomatic relations with that communist country. The result has been to aid a communist economy which is now prospering, but there has been no political give in the communist leadership. Again, their people live by permission and the human rights violations in that country are rampant and tighter today than in the past.


They continue to persecute their people, prevent free speech and freedom of religion; steal secrets from foreign businesses and counterfeit private property thereby violating intellectual property rights. They can now spend more and more money on improving their military, and their ability to cyber-attack others. Most experts believe North Korea could not have cyber-attacked Sony without the consent and help of China.


The world has enabled the communist government to survive and grow. China, according to many experts, now has the technical capability of hacking into our grids, banking system, telecom system, and financial markets and shutting them down at will. Many of our highest military leaders believe they already have done so by planting malicious bugs into our main systems, and could pull the trigger at any time shutting down the entire American economy if they wanted to.


We allowed them to get this far through our trade and open relations with them. Cuba would love to be in China's shoes. The Obama move just gave them that opportunity.


I am for free trade and capitalism but not with dictatorships. The counter view is to isolate them; to leave them to their own devices living off the "fruits" of totalitarianism. Cuba has an economy that doesn’t work; it has experienced no progress at all. Obama wants that to change. Obama believes that our sacrifice will be our gain.


 Once again "the sanction of the victim" I talked about in my last article “On Torture”, is the philosophy behind the decision to help Cuba. We, in our willingness to ignore their evil and promote their economy and society through free trade, enhance the dictators that rule there. We will get nothing in return except eventual grief. We exact no price for our assistance; we simply sacrifice our national interest and security to their need, because as President Obama says, "it's the right thing to do". I strongly disagree.


Barack Obama just aided the objectives of communism just as Nixon did. Without the Castro's giving up a single bit of freedom to their people, they have gained and will gain more wealth and power to hurt us and enslave their people. Just as in China, their grip is as tight as ever on their people and they have been rewarded for their persistence and patience.


Many Cubans living both in Cuba and in the United States would rather see their friends and relatives fight for freedom than to provide their enslavers with the tools to continue their rule. They’d rather see them fight for democracy rather than give in. I agree with this latter view. With this move we have helped the dictators of Cuba gain legitimacy and have neither asked for nor gained anything for the Cuban people. 


Given the fact that Barack Obama has given in to the dictators of Syria, Iran, and North Korea, I am not surprised to see him yield and to give the Castro regime one of the biggest victories of their lifetime. "We won!" yelled Raul Castro to a standing ovation, with clenched fist in air.


How I yearn for the likes of a Ronald Reagan and Jack Kennedy at the helm of State.


Paul Nathan