For all those whose goal it is to return to a freer society, the key question is not so much which legislative programs would accomplish this, but which strategy would work to get us there. Most of us would agree that we need to balance the budget, lower tax rates, reduce onerous regulation, and generally get the federal government out of our everyday lives. Most of us would like to see us return to a smaller, less intrusive, fiscally sound government.

The question is what is the best way to accomplish this goal?

I think the roadmap is clear. First we need the Republicans to regain control of the Senate. Winning the 2014 congressional campaign should be the first order of business. Second is to regain the Presidency in 2016. And third is to legislate reasonable ways to transition back to a free market economy and away from a government controlled society. The goal should be the elimination of all subsidies and tax loopholes in exchange for lower tax rates, reducing excessive regulations, and the establishment of free market methods to deal with health care.

Shutting down the government or not raising the national debt will do nothing to accomplish these goals. They will simply further alienate voters from the Republican Party. A more successful strategy would be for Republicans to do nothing. The Obama economic policy is failing. No one, including Democrats, likes the slow degree of economic recovery and high unemployment we’ve been experiencing. We are looking at virtually half the growth rate of a normal recovery with more of the same to come.

And most voters are nervous about the implementation of Obamacare which is leading to cut backs in hours and major changes in premiums and coverage. If we are headed for a train wreck in Obamacare as Republicans and even some Democrats claim, then why stir up anti-Republican sentiment to defund it? Let it happen. Let the economy and Obamacare languish and fall of their own weight over the next year. Republicans should lay low and say nothing until the election season then run against the failed policies of the Democrats.

If the Republicans can take the Senate next year, they can put forward constructive free market legislation and the President will veto it. After all, Obama has never seen a free market proposal he’s liked. That sets up a fight in 2016 for the Presidency, and that should be over continuing the failed policies of the Obama Administration for another 4-8 years, or to vote for a change in direction. Will the voters vote for a 25 trillion dollar national debt estimated over the next 7 years, or vote for a balanced budget and eventual reduction of government debt? Will they endorse slow growth and high employment with no end in sight? And will they want a President that is an obstructionist or one that can change things for the better.

All the Republicans need to do from here on end, is to be silent! They need to leave their differences aside and concentrate on the mutual goal of a freer society. They need to leave their social agenda aside and concentrate on the fiscal agenda.  This will bring libertarians, independents, and moderates together, all pursuing the goals of greater freedom, a smaller government, and a better economy.

Instead the Republicans have decided to pursue a strategy of confrontation. This has allowed President Obama to pistol-whip the Republicans leaving them bloodied, battered, and beaten. The Republicans are playing checkers while the Democrats are playing chess! The Republicans are checkmated having lost the battle with very little to show for it, save their bruised reputations and a nation in disgust.

The Republicans need a new strategy with new tactics. Obama and the Democrats say they're for the middle class, more jobs, and greater economic growth, but their policies have failed to produce those results. Democrats running for Congress in 2014 will have to run on a record of failed policies, or propose new policies for the future. That is where future elections and the future of this country will be won or lost. No one likes the status quo – not even the Democrats.

The Republicans should reopen government, concede defeat or quickly accept whatever concessions they can get; then state that the future of the nation is now in the Democrats hands; that they have done everything they can do to change the direction of the country and can do no more; then go home and start proposing counter programs for the 2014 congressional campaign.

The Senate will be won on the local level, seat-by-seat, state-by-state. There is no reason to fight a national battle until 2016. The 2014 election is much more important today. I suggest the Republican Party get out of the political spotlight of national politics and focus their efforts to defeat the vulnerable Senators in the blue states. Wresting control there will eventually help defeat the Democratic candidate of 2016. And assuming that candidate will be Hillary Clinton, I suggest they begin preparing for a very tough fight to come. Hillary will be a formidable candidate.

It is then that the big guns can be rolled out and I suggest at least one of those big guns should be pointed directly toward the national debt – one of the many disastrous Obama legacies.

It is an irony that those who argue that failing to raise the national debt ceiling will put the "full faith and credit" of the US government into question; while promoting continued increases in spending and debt which jeopardizes the full faith and credit of the United States. This is a blatant contradiction, yet it is propagated and accepted without question in most quarters. John Boener came out swinging in his most recent news conference pointing out that we are taking in more money today as a government than any government in the history of mankind; yet we continue to rack up record deficits and record debt.

It was just a year ago that the national debt surpassed 16 trillion. Now, in a blink of an eye, it's about to surpass 17 trillion. It's projected to grow to 25 trillion by the end of the decade -- and nothing is being done to stop this race to bankruptcy. To illustrate the degree of evasion going on by our financial leaders, the specter of a debt ceiling crisis every year is so painful to them that many have called for the elimination of a ceiling so it will not be an issue!

The deceit, evasion, and stupidity of this position has become so glaring that even some in Washington DC are raising an eyebrow. The insanity of fighting over raising the debt ceiling without addressing the reason you are forced to raise it is a sign of the times. Both parties are intellectually bankrupt, and that always precedes national bankruptcy.

This is not to say that there are not many politicians in both parties who understand that it is excessive government spending and out of control entitlement spending that needs to be addressed and controlled. The problem is for thirteen consecutive years no politician or political party has been able to do anything about it. Each year that goes by where this problem is not addressed the odds increase that it will not be -- until there is a major crisis. No one knows when reality will come slamming down on our out of control financial system, but there will come a day when the checks being issued by government come bouncing back stamped “account overdrawn”.

Taking back the Senate by fiscal conservatives could lead to a Grand Bargain in 2015 that could prevent this catastrophe in the making. A lack of thinking through the tactics and strategy to achieve that goal could not only lose the Republicans the Senate, but could lose them the House to boot.

Paul Nathan