As you read this the debt clock shows the new debt being racked up every second. We’ve been moving toward bankruptcy since Obama took office. What has his response been? No response. Obama doesn't care. In fact, he hasn’t proposed even one thing to slow down, let alone reverse, the increasing debt during his office.


Medicare has an estimated thirty two trillion dollar future price tag and no proposals for how to pay for it. If nothing is done Medicare will cease to exist in the next decade. What has Obama's response been? Nothing. Obama doesn't care. Not only has he failed to propose any plan to deal with the unfunded liabilities, he denounced the one person who proposed a plan. Paul Ryan's suggestions on how to move toward solving the Medicare problem were condemned and dismissed out of hand with no counter proposal by Obama.  As president, he obstructed plans to attain solvency without proposing one dollar of cuts himself.


Gas prices go up as refineries break down. Obama doesn't care, and not only does he refuse to allow more refineries to be built here, he obstructs the private sectors attempts to produce more gas and oil. The BP gas spill has been successfully cleaned up, tourist flock to the beaches, but Obama won’t release his stranglehold on the Gulf. And even as technologies are produced by the private sector that can make America energy independent, Obama prevents drilling and the Keystone pipeline, which would lead to greater employment and lower gas prices.


Yet Obama declares he deeply cares about the middle class.


We are looking to fall off a fiscal cliff next year. The largest tax increase in history and the greatest cut in defense spending in history loom large over our heads. If allowed, the CBO predicts recession and escalating unemployment will result. Obama wants to slash our national defense despite his own Defense Secretary’s warning that national security will be in jeopardy. How did Obama's respond to this warning? He didn’t. Obama doesn't care. He offers no plan and no prospects for one. This emergency is met with silence. Intellectual leadership is totally absent in the Obama Administration.


Abroad the Mid-East is in flame, a US Ambassador and three others have been murdered in a terrorist take over of our embassy and American flags burn as mobs yell “Death to America!” Obama's response? He went to the funeral but there has been no retaliation of any kind so far from his Administration. When asked about his Mid-East policy the question was met with silence.


What does Obama care about? Taxing the rich. Despite the fact that the revenues received won’t make a dent in the deficit. That’s of no concern to Obama. It is the “principle” that is important to him. And what is that principle?  Redistribute the nation’s wealth. Taxing the rich will do nothing to avert going over the fiscal cliff, solve our energy dependency, or pay our bills. It will actually increase chances of a recession and increase unemployment. He doesn't care. He is only concerned with establishing a new America based on the principle that those with more must provide for those with less. Equalitarianism is what Obama is after. And government controls, regulation, and government intervention will get him that.


But what should be done about unemployment and economic stagnation? Obama doesn't have a clue here. He doesn’t understand economics and has no economic plan. He doesn't understand business and has no interest in it. He doesn't understand investing. All of these are alien concepts to Obama. He only cares about “investing” in things like clean energy and education.


Like his bad loan to failed Solyndra, Obama’s investments in education have been met with the declining grades of students. Most investors would look for better ways to invest, but not Obama. He doesn't care that kids receive a worse education the more the federal government spends. He simply demands more control, more regulation, and more money. When the teacher’s union walked off the job demanding greater pay and more benefits while refusing to be held accountable for their poor job performance; Obama stood shoulder to shoulder with the union. Not once did he stand up for the kids or mention the poor education they are receiving in Chicago schools.


So does Obama really care about the middle class? Not one bit.

We must fire Obama this November for his failure to care, his failure to lead, and his failure to succeed as president. The consequences if we do not are four more years of more of the same (or worse) with even less time to fix the real problems facing this country. The problem is: time is running out.