I don’t steep myself in politics. But as a professional investor I do watch CNBC all day. I also watch at least three news programs each day and catch most of the weekend interview shows. That leaves me with a pretty good grasp regarding who’s who in politics. Maybe you also feel you have a similar knowledge of who’s in charge. So can you tell me who heads up the extremely important Counsel of Economic Advisors? Can you name the Secretary of Agriculture? How about the Secretary of Commerce? Me either.


Try naming the Secretaries of Education, Transportation, or Environment. I can’t. What about the Secretary of Health and Human Services? I don’t have a clue who these politicians are or who holds titles like Secretary of Interior or even Secretary of Labor.


I do know who the Secretary of State is. It's Hillary Clinton. She's leaving next year. I know what Timothy Geithner does, he’s the Treasury Secretary, and he’s leaving too. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is supposed to be sticking around, but now I hear there is a major disagreement between him and Obama. Panetta warned Obama that if the trillion dollars in defense cuts are allowed to begin next year that our national defense will be in jeopardy. So far Obama’s done nothing to address his Defense Secretary’s concerns.


Who then will lead this country next year if Obama is re-elected? Well, while I do know he has a couple of dozen Tsars in place (who have never been elected), I have no idea who they are or what they are doing now, let alone what they would be put in charge of next term. I guess that’s not all that surprising considering we have absolutely NO IDEA what the policies would be next year under an Obama Administration.


How ironic that the press keeps asking for greater detail from Governor Romney regarding what he would do next year. He’s already provided the country with the five major things he will do if elected. He has told everyone what he will do from day one if elected. He’s provided 59 points on his website for those interested in learning more. Yet, the press is “disappointed” at the lack of details being provided. But what are the details of the Obama plan for the next four years? In fact, what is the Obama plan?


The details of Obama’s plan were missing from his acceptance speech at the DNC. Leaving the nation with no idea what he intends to do if re-elected, or any information about who will do it.


Guess I'll just have to vote for him and his “plan” before I can know what’s in it.