In the spirit of Thomas Paine and his famous pamphleteering, Paul Nathan has passionately written in support of free market economics and hard money for over forty years.

Since 2008 Paul has been a contributing commentator for the largest gold site in the world—Kitco. His commentaries have been posted here since 2004 and his Market Update for traders and investors is available via subscription. In 2011 John Wiley & Sons published The New Gold Standard, Paul Nathan’s definitive work on the gold standard past and present.

Meeting Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises were defining moments for Paul as well as classes he took from Alan Greenspan. But Paul doesn’t just write about the markets, he has been an active trader throughout the years, and is considered by many to be a vital source for timely information about resource stocks and commodities.

Paul called the end of the bull market for gold in 1980, the beginning of the 25 year tech revolution and bull market in 1982, went “All In” on gold and gold stocks in 2001, and alerted his readers to short the DOW at 14000 in July of 2007. 2008 and 2009, catastrophic years for most traders, were two of the best years in Paul’s trading career. Recently he called the bottom of the gold market in December of 2015 and the top of the bond market in July 2016. And so far into 2017 it has been an extremely profitable trading year.

Please enjoy Paul’s free commentaries and we invite you to subscribe to Market Update and join in profitably trading some of the most challenging markets in history.

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"Whereas going into 2016 I was leveraged to the hilt, buying up depressed gold and silver stocks, this year I enter 2017 defensively with cash on the sidelines looking for the next big move."
The first half of 2017 has been one of my best first halves in years. One reason was I bought TBT at its low of 29 in August of 2016 as a bet on higher interest rates and sold it at 40 plus in March of 2017.  I've been trading the interest rate movements via TBT several times, successfully. And my previous purchase of depressed gold and silver stocks paid off handsomely this year. As of mid year I have dramatically reduced all positions given profit taking.
"I made my first buy of physical gold this month in the mid $1000 area. If gold continues to fall I plan to average down; and if it rises I will average up.  And I am ending 2015 with the largest percentage holdings of precious metal stocks of the year, but with a tight stop to protect against further declines if this is just another false alarm.  I think it's time to begin accumulating gold and silver once again both as an insurance policy and as an investment."
Predicted the winter rise and summer fall of gold prices during all of 2014.
Predicted a reversal higher in gold, silver, and most commodity prices in 2014 in my Looking Forward: Toward Normalization commentary

Went to 100% cash by end of April. 
Shorted gold in September, just over 1900.

Sold Rubicon Minerals @ 4.90 — Bought in 2008 @ .78

Predicted the Euro Crisis in my December Looking Forward commentary

Shorted common stocks @ DOW 14,000 — see July 2007 article